Providing tools to assess the needs of Florida's children and their families.

Providing tools to assess the needs of Florida's children and their families.

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2016 Florida KIDS COUNT County Data Book

08-24-17 Errata Notice

Florida’s growing population ranks us as the third fastest growing state in the U.S.  (U.S. Census, 2014).  In 2014, we had more than 19 million residents and we will likely have 2 million more by 2020.  One in five of us is a child under the age of 18. And we are diverse. Among children, 45.2% of our children are White Non-Hispanic, 21.6% are Black or African – American, and 29.8% are Hispanic.
Where children are concerned, we are already a majority ‘minority’ state. Why does this matter?  Because we need the full contributions of all of our future citizens and they need the opportunity and support to grow physically, emotionally, educationally and economically. 

  • We need them to grow up to be to be an educated, prepared workforce.
  • We need them to grow up to be taxpayers who support our schools, roadways, and Florida’s breathtaking natural beauty.
  • We need them to grow up to share their amazing cultural richness across our state.
  • We need them to grow up to be good neighbors living in strong, vibrant communities. 

But to do that, we need to help them grow and we need to help their families be the secure foundation children can count on.  But how?
As part of our efforts, consistent with the national KIDS COUNT organization, Florida KIDS COUNT has just completed a county-by-county profile data-book which tells us where we need to work harder at the state level and in each of our counties. The data-book provides more information on how we can improve poverty levels, education and health outcomes while reducing negative risk factors. We hope state legislators, public officials and child advocates will use this reliable data to advance sound policies that benefit children and families.

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